Thursday, February 16, 2012

letters to julia: month two

dear julia,

what a month it has been! 

at your 8 week checkup, you weighed 10 lbs 1 oz, and were 22 inches long. that's 50th percentile for length and 25th for weight. (however, right now you are wearing a 3-6 month onesie and 6 month pants?! i blame your big fluffy tush.) 

you also got 3 shots, and you weren't too pleased. you screamed and got bright red, but after it was over, you were fine! you were a champ. you were a little fussy that night, but daddy came to the rescue. 

when you are upset, you stick your bottom lip out like this:

we swaddled you and held you on your side and you calmed down. 

you went to your first funeral this month. papa's mama, gg, passed away on january 28. as far as funerals go, it was a joyous one. gg was almost 95 years old. she left such a great legacy that i am happy to have married into, and happy that my children can be a part of it. she had 9 children, 36 grandchildren, and you, julia, were her 66th great-grandchild. we are so glad she got to see you. because of the funeral, you got to meet lots of daddy's family that you wouldn't have otherwise met. they adored you. 

 how could they not?

even henry adores you.

 you are loving the bumbo seat more and more.

you got some cute new diapers!

 you LOVE your swing. you love to look up at the birds that rotate on top of it. 

you love that so much that when the batteries went out and the birds didn't rotate anymore,
you looked up at them and pouted.

this is what you look like just before you sneeze.

you are great at putting yourself to sleep in your swing,
if this is considered putting yourself to sleep:

you LOVE white noise too, so that and the swing are a perfect combination.

sometimes you put yourself to sleep at night, if you are full enough and tired enough.
you usually wake up about every three hours at night to nurse.

you love the moby wrap, and i love wearing you around the house while i get things done.

 daddy loves the wrap, too.

you've started to make all sorts of sounds. you still say "ahh" right after you sneeze. you inhale while making a "haugh" sound when you smile sometimes, and you say something that sounds an awful lot like "hi." 

 you are pretty perfect, julia. we just adore you.

love you so much.


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