Thursday, August 16, 2012

letters to julia: month eight

dear julia,

my sweet girl. eight months seems so close to twelve months. please slow down.

at the very beginning of the month (you were like, 7 months and one day old) your bottom left tooth came through.
the next day, your bottom right one came through.

 this month we spent three weeks at the beach. we went with friends, mama's family, and daddy's family. you loved seeing everyone and everyone loved seeing you. you were such a good girl in the car, and you made it so much fun.

you played in the sand and daddy even took you in the ocean a few times. (you were kind of intimidated by it. i don't blame you.)

 after the beach, we went to washington dc for a few days. you got a whirlwind tour of arlington cemetery, a few monuments, a few smithsonians and a few metro rides.

 we also went to the great nurse-in on the lawn of the capitol and nursed with 600 other mamas and babies to help set a world record. (we did. over 8000 mama/baby pairs nationwide.)

as soon as we got home, you started moving. you're EVERYWHERE. yes, you were "mobile" last month, but this month you have perfected your army crawl. we have to put baby gates up or you end up crawling into the laundry room before we even realize you're gone. you're mighty quick and mighty pleased with yourself.

i started watching other children at our house last week. you're still trying to figure out what's going on, but you love it. you always smile when you see the other babies. you study them hard and are learning so much from them.

yes, this is mama's job
julia, you're so much fun. you're really developing a personality. you love to squeal, especially in public because of the reactions you get from other people. you're an observer, a people watcher. 

we love you so much, pipsqueak.



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