Friday, March 16, 2012

letters to julia: month three

dear julia,

it is hard to believe you are three months old already. you are getting so big. you have really filled out in the past month. yesterday i pulled out all your 3-6 month clothes because you need to wear them all before they don't fit you anymore (which will probably be next week). 

you have chubby cherub cheeks and rolls in your thighs. 

you are a talker. one of our favorite things to do is lay on the floor and smile at each other. you make all kinds of sweet sounds, you outwardly laugh, and you have a great big gummy grin. you stick your tongue out and kick your legs. 

you like to chew on your hands. this has just started within the past week. i know it's only a matter of time before you like to chew on everything else. 

you love "naked booty time." we take your diaper off and let you kick, kick, kick. you smile and talk and sometimes you poop.
if you catch your eye in the mirror, you smile at yourself.

you're getting better in the car. you used to cry at every red light. now you cry at maybe every other red light.

you behave very well in church. sometimes you sleep through the whole mass (this will get to be an issue if you are still sleeping through mass when you are a teenager), and other times you sit in daddy's lap and look around, but you are always happy.  people always come up to us after church and tell us how cute and how well behaved you are. we agree.

 love you so much. 

love, mama

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  1. What a beautiful blog! I think you would love my daughter-in-law Ashley's blog. Yours reminds me so much of hers. Gabe is 18 months old now and she blogged monthly for his first year. She also has talked about diapers and "living simply". You can find hers at "ourlittleapartment".
    So nice to see all the cute pics of little Julia. Store those memories of how quiet she is in church for the times you have to walk out with a temper tantrum throwing 2 year old ;-) See you soon, Marge Cadaret