Thursday, March 15, 2012

review: kawaii pocket diapers

recently, my husband and i used some of our tax return money to purchase new diapers for our daughter. we budgeted $100 and figured we could get five or six new diapers. however, a friend told me about a line of diapers called kawaii. they average about $7 per diaper! i thought that we would "get what we paid for" so to speak, so we ordered one of each of two different kinds to test them out for a few weeks. we loved them! we purchased the heavy duty hd 2 and the heavy duty micro-fleece inner

at first, i liked the heavy duty hd 2 better because it fit julia better. the velcro crosses over in the front so it was able to fit her skinny body. the micro-fleece inner was loose in the waist and the legs, even though it said it was one size for 8 lbs-35 lbs. we had a few leaks. i started pulling the top of the diaper down towards her hips when i put it on her so that it would be tighter all the way around. lo and behold, it worked! no more leaks!

after testing the two, we ordered six more of each, paying a grand total of $85 for 14 diapers. so far, we love them all! 
they hold up very well and we have no leaking issues.

the diapers come with two inserts each (one for day, two for night). they are high-quality inserts, and i like the microfiber material more than i like the bumgenius inserts. we got yellow, lime green, and white with some camo. we also bought one snazzy minky urban camoflage because it's so darn cute. i like this diaper a lot, and might order some of the other prints in the future.

we will definitely be sticking with kawaii if we need or want to order more diapers in the future, and i would highly recommend them! we ordered them from the luv your baby and they have free shipping on orders over $80!

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  1. I'm so glad you like them! And your blog is so awesome!!!!!