Wednesday, May 16, 2012

letters to julia: month five

dear julia,

it's true. you are five months old.
i can't believe it, either

this month you started to suck your thumb.
it's probably the cutest thing i've ever seen.
you are getting to be quite the expert at it.
you'll realize you're getting upset and stick your thumb in your mouth,
sometimes even before you start to cry!

you have chubby little kissable cheeks and the cutest little mohawk.

you LOVE bathtime. you love splashing in the water.
we are excited to take you swimming this summer!

you smile at everyone and everything.
you sing along to the radio in the car.
you crack yourself up.

look at those cheeks!

we got you a jenny jump up and you love it. you don't jump yet,
but you like to hang out and get a new perspective of the world.

you and i took our first trip to the zoo this year.
you loved the polar bears the most.

you play with henry's tail.

and you chew on your toes.

julia, you are so much fun. 
you sleep anywhere from 10-14 hours per night.
you nap like a champion.
you behave in church.
you love to read books.
you memorize my face with your hands while nursing.
you love to look at other children.
you sit forward in your stroller now,
and you love to examine the world around you.
you are THISCLOSE to sitting on your own.
you do it for several seconds at a time
until your big head makes you topple over.
(psst, if you do it, you get to eat rice cereal.) 

we adore you, julia droolia. 
you are so special to us.
love you so much.



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