Saturday, June 16, 2012

letters to julia: month six

dear julia,

today is your half birthday. you are half a year old already! you have started to do so many new things this month.

about two days after you turned five months old, you started sitting up unassisted.

we had been waiting for you to sit up before we fed you solids. so you started eating rice cereal. it didn't have a lot of flavor, and you were pretty indifferent to it. then you had oatmeal, which you still like to have in the mornings. then you had avocado, applesauce, and your absolute favorite -- squash. now you love mealtime! we are so excited to try new foods with you every week. 

oatmeal with applesauce

 you still sleep about 12 hours per night. you are a belly sleeper now, and it is adorable. you roll all around your crib, back to belly and belly to back.

we go to the zoo a lot now that daddy is done with school for the summer. you like the things that swim next to the glass like the fish and the polar bears. you also got up close and personal with an ape.

everything you can get in your hands goes straight to your mouth.

about a week ago, you started pointing at your bottom gums. you have a tooth sprouting through, which makes you a little uncomfortable sometimes.

 this month we went to cleveland to visit friends. you got to go swimming for the first time and you loved it! 

you will lay on your back and scoot backwards across the carpet. you aren't crawling yet, but you are getting the movements down. you push up on your belly and rock yourself. 

this month you were baptized in the catholic church by father james bacik. it was so special that you were able to be baptized in the same church where your daddy and mama got married, and also by the same priest. 

we can't believe how fast you are growing up.
it's unbelievable how much we care about you.

 love you so much.

love, mama

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