Sunday, September 16, 2012

letters to julia: month nine

dear julia, 

you have made some huge strides this month. 
your favorite trick is going from crawling to sitting position. 
you are so proud of this accomplishment and you do it all the time, 
especially in your crib. 
you are so proud when we come in to get you and you're sitting up. 

a few days after mastering this, you started to pull yourself up to a stand in your crib.
you did it like it was nothing -- "no big deal, mama, i got this."

now you find different things around the house to pull yourself up on. 
it makes you so happy, julia.

you have recently noticed things on ceilings.
when we walk into a church or another room or building with a unique or ornate ceiling,
your eyes go straight up and you stare in wonder. 
you have also started to reach for the decals that daddy hung around your crib. 

we went to the zoo with grandma, grandpa and aunt becky.
the fish are still your favorite.

you have started to get very uninterested in foods that we feed you.
you want to feed yourself.
most things you get now are cut into bite size pieces for you
and you eat everything.
you're a great eater.

when you are eating and something falls out of your mouth,
you quickly put the back of your hand to your mouth to push it back in.
it's pretty adorable.

you have had lots of fun with toys this month.
you are becoming a lot more playful now that you're able to get around a lot better.

you got a little cold that turned into bronchiolitis. 
we have to give you breathing treatments, 
but you are feeling a lot better than you were.

you're so much fun.
every day with you is an adventure.
we love you so much.



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  1. She has changed so much in 9 months! What a beautiful girl! You are so lucky :)