Thursday, October 11, 2012

cloth diapers: snaps vs aplix

if you have ever bought a cloth diaper, you were probably faced with two options: snaps or aplix. when we first registered for cloth diapers, we chose snaps because i had heard that they wash up better and last longer. we liked the snaps. in february when we bought new diapers, we chose all aplix because we thought they would be easier (more like disposables) for dad, grandparents, etc. and they were easier, i guess. they were fine for a few months. then i grew to detest them.

they don't wash up well. everything gets caught in them. they stick to each other in the washing machine. and when your baby starts to crawl, they stick to the carpet. a few times our baby would be clear across the room and her diaper would be several feet behind her, stuck to the floor. they do their job -- they stick. but they stick to everything. the other problem is that the aplix fades out and they start to not stick to themselves anymore, which is the one thing they are supposed to stick to! frustrating, right?!

we sold all of our aplix. we bought all snaps. i'm much happier. i still feel like i get a great fit, they wash up better, they don't stick together, and they're not that difficult if someone else is changing your baby.

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