Friday, November 16, 2012

letters to julia: month eleven

dear julia,

you. are. so. much. fun.

you are developing the cutest and sweetest little personality. 

you wave at appropriate times now. if anyone says the word, "hi," you'll wave to someone or something and say, "i! i!" you understand the social cues when someone is leaving and you'll wave to them before they even say goodbye to you. you even blow kisses.

you have developed quite an affinity for books. you have buckets (literally, buckets) full of toys to play with and you choose to pull all the books off your shelf and flip through them. your favorite one to read to yourself is, "dr. seuss' abc" and your favorite one for me to read to you is, "my mom loves me." (aww.)

this month was halloween! you dressed up as a parrot, and daddy and i were pirates. you were absolutely adorable.

we also went to the pumpkin farm and you got to meet lots of animals including a cow!

we set up a little tent in the living room. you weren't sure at first, but now you like to go in there just to get away from it all. (LOL)

we went to imagination station with your cousins to see the sesame street display. your favorite thing was putting a ball in a hole. over and over and over.

you're getting so big. you have 6 and a half teeth, and the 8th is on the cusp of cutting any day now.

 you crawl around the house with toys in your mouth.

you line up your food on the side of your high chair before you eat it.

we had to go to the doctor because you had an ear infection.
we felt so bad for you,
but you were such a trooper.

you've started trying to "crawl" using your hands and feet -- no knees.

we went to a baby shower where you met a house-trained pig! 

you dance when music starts playing.

you're the best.

i love you so so so so so so much.


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