Tuesday, October 16, 2012

letters to julia: month ten

dear julia,

what a month it has been! you are getting around so well now. you crawl everywhere, you cruise on furniture and walls, you even climb the stairs!

you're still a fantastic eater. we are still breastfeeding (woohoo!) and other than that, you basically eat what we eat. i make some special meals for you (your current favorite is pasta with cheese, tuna, and peas). i have started buying you some toddler snacks (the earth's best brand elmo crackers and letter of the day cookies) and you love them. you also love the old standby, cheerios. anything you can feed yourself is right up your alley.

you love to play with our dog, henry. you know which toys are his and which are yours, and when you pick up his toys, you find him and hold his toy out to him. sometimes he ignores you, but sometimes he plays tug of war with you. you screech and giggle. it's so cute. you also like to feed henry from your plate at the table, and sometimes you'll even lean over the side of your chair and spit something out of your mouth for him to eat.

you got a new carseat this month! 

you are so beautiful, peanut ...

... and so funny.

i love you.

you love (love love love love love) to be naked.

you still love mirrors. there is a mirror in your closet that you can't get enough of. you like to play peek-a-boo around corners of the house and around doors. you like elmo, and much to my chagrin, you have figured out what a remote control does. you pick it up, press buttons, and look at the tv.

i love spending my time with you.
you're the best.

love you so much.


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