Sunday, December 2, 2012

cloth diaper myths "not your grandma's cloth"

recently i asked on my facebook page what people's thoughts were about cloth -- people who have children and use disposable diapers. in my mind, cloth diapering makes complete sense. i can't imagine not using them. i'm not out to try and "convert" everyone because i understand that cloth diapering does not work for everyone's lifestyle like it does for ours. i do think there are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to cloth and i wanted to clear those up.

not your grandma's cloth!
one of the things we heard most often before people saw our diapers was about dunking and swishing, prefolds, and diaper pins. a lot of people don't know how diapers have advanced in the last twenty years. there's elastic around the legs and back, snaps or aplix instead of pins, and attached PUL instead of plastic pants. a lot of people also use a diaper sprayer instead of dunking and swishing to clear the poop off the diaper. 



diapers are contoured to fit baby. they snap or aplix for perfect fit and convenience.

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