Sunday, December 16, 2012

letters to julia: month twelve

dear julia,

can i just tell you how much i love you? because it's a lot. it's so so so much.


i know i say this every month, but you're so much fun
and i can't believe how big you're getting.

we have had a lot of fun this month. you traveled to the philadelphia/delaware area for thanksgiving. you didn't care much for the car ride, but in your defense you were also cutting a tooth. 
you got to see a lot of relatives and meet some that you had never met before.

we had an exciting bathtub fingerpainting experience. you are more than you painted with, but i think that was kind of the point. you loved it.

you're such a little person. you have opinions and you love to express them in any way you can. you have bedhead you get the giggles sometimes. you laugh when other people laugh, which is funny because it's kind of like you understand an adult joke that's been told.


we have done a lot of christmas stuff this month. you met santa claus and loved him! 

you love it when daddy gives you candy canes.

your great grandma towns passed away this month.
we traveled to pittsburgh for her funeral.
you met a lot of new people there, too,
and charmed them all.

we went to daddy's work's christmas party and you ate a lot of sweets and, again, charmed everyone you met.

your hair is long enough to put in a little fountain ponytail on top of your head.
super cute.

you can walk now, but only if you're holding someone's hand.
otherwise you crawl everywhere (and i mean everywhere).
you also love to climb and you are into everything.

you're such a sweetheart. you're so funny. you're a people person and so smart and playful.
you're just the best. i can't believe you are already one year old.

i love you, julia.

so so much.



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